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Phenomenal Mattress Store Savings for Better Sleep

Come to our well-appointed mattress store for some well-deserved relief if your bed’s leaving you tired and achy. The right mattress is more than a matter of comfort, although our top brands make sure you feel good lying down. Rather, a properly made mattress is conducive both to improved performance the next day and better long-term health. Some stats: you spend a third of your lifetime asleep. Plus the doctors say you NEED 7-9 hours of nightly shuteye. Not just ANY sleep, though. Your tired mind needs to dream (rapid eye movement sleep) and your body’s cells require downtime to rebuild. Buy well from the top brands of our mattress store and be on top of YOUR game, feeling great! What’s more, you can dream of all the cool stuff you’ll buy with the cash you saved by replacing your mattress at Furniture Gallery.

Superb Innerspring Mattresses for More Savings

All of our mattress store’s offerings are economical as well as finely made. Even the traditional innerspring mattresses at our lowest price point incorporate improvements in basic steel coils so your worn-out self gets the full body support you demand. No matter if you choose a plain metal bed frame or one of our designer-cool headboard styles, your new innerspring mattress is ready to give you the 10 years’ service you need to feel rested every morning. These popular items from our mattress store are just firm enough to make sure your spine retains its natural curves if you are a back sleeper.

The Latest in Gel Memory Foam Mattress Comfort

Our incredible selection of gel memory foam mattresses is a boon for those of us who are side or stomach sleepers. Such need the reinforced firmness of layers of support foam surrounding thousands of pocketed coils. This gel-infused memory foam is also especially good for reducing motion disturbance, isolating and absorbing the motion. That way you and a partner can sleep uninterrupted if you keep different schedules so one has to wake up early.

Our perpetual mattress sale is where it all happens for less. It’s on NOW at our Braintree, MA store, waiting for you!